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    The design of GPRS wireless communication system based on SIM card

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    The design of GPRS wireless communication system based on SIM card

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    In recent years, SIM card socket communication technology and network technology rapid development, especially the development of wireless communication technology, so as to further improve the degree of automation of electric power system, GSM network, technical personnel quickly to GSM module is embedded into a variety of instrumentation (such as multifunctional electric energy meter, fault detection recording instrument, meter reading system and electricity load monitoring, etc.), so that these instruments have the functions of remote communication.

    GPRS is a new data developed in the GSM system, carrying business, support TCP/IP protocol and packet data network (Internet) direct exchange. Application of GPRS wireless transmission system is very wide, almost covers all the business data transmission medium and low rate, especially suitable for small volume data transmission traffic burst.

    GPRS wireless communication module is designed in this paper, embedded TCP/IP protocol, using the industry GPRS module, suitable for single-chip data acquisition and transmission system without TCP/IP protocol stack, but the use of serial communication.

    The principle and application of GPRS communication

    After the introduction of GPRS

    GPRS is abbreviation of general packet radio service (general Pacpet radio system), and is a communication technology between the second generation and the third generation, often referred to 2.5G.GPRS using same and GSM band, band width, unexpected structure, modulation wireless standard, FM rules and the same TD-MA frame structure. Therefore, in GSM system based on the construction of GPRS system and GSM system the vast most parts do not need to make hardware changes, only need to for software upgrades, GPRS, users of the call setup time is greatly shortened, almost do always online. In addition, GPRS is in the amount of data transmission operators rather than connect time for reference to billing, so that each user the service cost is lower.

    After the basic principle

    GPRS in circuit switching (CSD) mode based on the original GSM network introduced two new network nodes: GPRS service support node (SG-SN) and a gateway support node (GGSN). The SGSN and the MSc in the same level and tracking individual MS storage unit achieve security and access control, and through the frame relay is connected to the base station system, GGSN supports and external packet switched network interoperability, and through based on IP GPRS backbone network and SGSN connected. Figure 1 shows the GPRS and Internet connection principle.

    GPRS terminal through an interface from a client system to obtain the data, the GPRS packet data transmitted to the GSM base station, data packets after SGSN package, SGSN through GPRS backbone network and the gateway support contact GGSN communication, GGSN packet of data of corresponding treatment, and then sent to the network, such as the Internet or X.25 network.

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