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    The standard SIM card, SD card.

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    The standard SIM card, SD card.

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    Abstract: SIM card and SD card exchange should meet the large-scale use of SIM card, SD card and the connection of the system and information requirements. To SJ/T11166 general specification structure, size and shape, performance requirements, test severity and reference standards using the latest version, to develop in line with the requirements of the detailed specification, and implement the production of the SIM card connector, SD card connector meets the requirement of standardization.

    1 Introduction

    Sim (subscriber ldentity model user identification module) also known as smart cards, identification card of user identity, GSM mobile phone machine must be installed on this card can use. It can guarantee the normal communication of the user, and to prevent the machine and call eavesdropping. Chinese Unicom and China Mobile have issued a SIM card for mobile phone users. SIM card in the bank POS terminal is widely used. Therefore, the corresponding SIM card has been developed.

    SD card (Secure Digital MEmory Card) is a semiconductor storage device based on flash memory. Because the SD card has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large storage capacity, fast data transfer, mobile and flexible, data security and confidentiality and integrated structure without worry about damage to mechanical movement, so that it is widely used in mobile phone, MP3, Walkman, digital camera, digital camera, notebook computers and other equipment. Therefore, the corresponding SD card has also been a lot of development

    SIM card and SD card should meet the SIM card, SD card and system links and information exchange requirements. The enterprise should formulate product standards in accordance with the requirements of the provisions of the SIM card and SD card.

    General specification for 2

    SJ/T11166 "integrated circuit (IC) IC card socket socket" provisions of the general specification for GB/T16649 should comply with the "identification card IC card with contacts" (ISO7816) definition specifies. SIM card is the card, so SJ/T11166 is a general specification for SIM card application.

    SD card seat not identification card socket, but with SIM card connector structure, similar to the role, but interface size is not the same, technical requirements some differences, can SJ/T11166 as applicable to the generic specification.

    3 dimensions

    The structural dimensions include interface size, shape and size of any socket must be standardized content. Identification card contact position and size to meet the GB/T16649.2 requirements, the position corresponding to the socket contact contact and contact range stipulated in SJ/T11166. According to the provisions of the actual size we SIM card contacts contact position and contact range to meet the requirements.

    4 language

    According to the characteristics of user needs and SIM card connector, SD card, select the SJ/T11166 in order to regulate, the provisions of structure size, dimensions, performance requirements and test methods of severity, reference standards using the latest version and is equivalent to the standard track homing standards, according to the new standard written specifications detailed specifications of the SIM card connector, SD card and in the production of implement provisions of the detailed specification of, so that the standardization of the SIM card connector, SD card connector. The requirement of environmental protection is not specified in the specification, but all material products used must meet the requirements of environmental protection has become the consensus of the people.

    If the entire industry should be standardized on SIM card, SD card, the production enterprises shall jointly formulate industry standards.

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