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    IC card is increasingly integrated into daily life

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    IC card is increasingly integrated into daily life

    Release date:2015-12-22 00:00 source:http://www.weinbergerblack.com Click:

    IC card has become increasingly integrated into the daily life, in our daily life we will the IC card and IC card connector, such as in we brush bus IC card will come into contact with these, can say in our life in the IC card and IC card connector has been inseparable from the US, but we on it will have much understanding of it? This requires you to analyze the internal structure of the IC.

    The first IC card is composed of internal friction type and then by ultrathin chip welding. Use gold plating process can be made of wear-resistant gold plating nickel contact automatic assembly line, this will have a very good quality and IC card seat stable physicochemical properties and abrasion resistance. The maximum number of plug is basically will be higher than 100 thousand. And within the IC card seat spring design scientific and reasonable, using imported full automatic punching machine for processing, high precision, contact arrangement like a neat, strong elastic and both called, feel the same. The internal IC card has a built-in spring protection device, which can largely prevent the damage of wire bamboo and other foreign bodies. According to the reasonable structure adjustment to let the card inserting mouth rounded and smooth degree to the westward, and the switch normally open and normally closed optional, recommend the use of normally open type.

    This requires us in daily life according to the experience to discover and understand. The development of IC card is accompanied by the development of economy. I believe the IC holder will make us better get more convenient life in life.

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