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    How much do you know about the knowledge for IC.

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    How much do you know about the knowledge for IC.

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    How much do you know about the knowledge for IC card? In most of the time we should have an understanding of IC, we believe in the road on the edge of the phone also has a lot of impression. Then you should know that the IC card is not only used in this respect. In the current society with the use of the IC card IC card has been involved in many aspects. This will in the future rise after exposure to more needs to be knowledge of the IC card and IC card of a certain understanding.1450769406863565.jpg  

    Data transmit electronic co series IC card read-write IC card work the basic principle is: radio frequency to send a group of fixed frequency electromagnetic wave, the card with an IC co vibration circuit, the frequency and the reading and writing device emits the same frequency, so that the electromagnetic wave excitation, the LC resonance circuit resonance, so as to make the capacitance of the charge in the charge of the other end is connected with a one-way guide through the pump, the capacitor charge sent to another capacitor memory storage, when the accumulation of charge to 2V, the capacitor can be used as power supply for other circuit provides working voltage, the card will be out or accept read and write data.

    The principle of contact type IC card interface technology of IC card reader to IC card reader with ISO7816 standard. The only channel as the IC card and the IC card interface circuit in IFD CPU communication, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of communication and data exchange, the electric signals generated must meet the specific requirements of the following. Complete IC card insertion and exit identification operation of IC card interface circuit to identify the IC card insertion and exit, and release the card is activated, there are very strict requirements of timing. If you can not meet the requirement, the IC card cannot operate properly; serious will damage the IC card or IC card reader.

    In a lot of time to understand the relevant professional knowledge of IC card used in the process but also to their life experience. There is in use when you can very good attention to the related operations. So not because do not understand the relevant circumstances caused by the IC card and IC card damage.

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