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    quality control system



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    quality control system

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    ● The quality control system for production process

    Xinshi electronic people know that "quality is the life of the company", we use first-class management level, strong technical force and perfect testing equipment to perform quality control work, every faithful employees has profound sense of quality, resolutely implement the "do not produce defective, not out of defective" principle, did not loose for quality management

    1 incoming inspection IQC

    2 inspection process IPQC

    3 shipment inspection OQC

    4 quality verification QA, QE


    ● Customer information feedback system

    Xinshi electronic people know the final product is service to customers, largest to meet customer requirements; therefore we have a a customer information feedback system, summarize and analyze customer feedback issues and recommendations, continue to improve our products


    1 and for customers in the use of problems encountered in the process of our products to answer, and let the customer get the solution;

    2 of the quality of customer feedback products rapid reaction, and puts forward some effective measures to solve the temporary and long-term improvements to customer confirmation and timely follow-up, and to provide customers with solutions

    The corresponding reports;

    3 of customer feedback on the status and improvement of timely analysis, in ensuring the premise of not affecting the use of customers, products of continuous improvement;

    4 continuous tracking of our products in the use of the client, to maintain communication with customers



    ● The main test equipment

    In order to ensure the production of high-quality products of our connector, we spend about 1000000 a domestic first-class laboratory connector, which includes equipment:


    Germany FISHER thickness tester

    TEMP & Humidity Chamber

    .Hi-TEMP Tester

    .Drop Tester

    Life Tester

    Salt-Mist Tester

    .3D Measuring Microscope

    Profile Measuring

    Analog Push-Pull Gauge

    .Digital Counting Scale

    .Digital Push-Pull Gauge

    .Withstanding Voltage Instrument

    .Height Gauge

    Insulation Resistance Instrument

    Dual Display Meter

    .Micro-Resistance Meter

    .Electronic Precision Long-time thermo-Hygrograph

    .Digital Display Meter

    Digital Caliper

    Smart Card Acceptor Life tester



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